The Girl at the Monceau Bakery + Suzanne’s Career

  • Dir: Eric Rohmer

  • France, 1962/1963, French, 23/55min, DCP, English subtitles

The Girl at the Monceau Bakery (La boulangère de Monceau)

Cast: Barbet Schroeder, Claudine Soubrier, Michèle Girardon

The first of the Six Moral Tales is a vivacious portrait of a young man whose romantic interest swings between a stylish lady and a bakery girl he casually courts when his love target is out of sight. Telling the tale through the protagonist’s visual mind and oral narration, Rohmer observes his hero from an ironic distance, exposing his conceit and arrogance. The juxtaposition of the narrator’s thought and the camera’s view becomes a prototype of his signature style. Screening with Suzanne’s Career.

Suzanne’s Career (La carrière de Suzanne)

Cast: Catherine Sée, Philippe Beuzen, Christian Charrière

In simultaneous admiration and disgust for his manipulative schoolmate Guillaume, Bertrand flirts with his girlfriend Suzanne, a woman he claims not to be interested in – and even despises for “her total lack of dignity”. In his voiceover narration he takes over the storyline, casting Suzanne as helpless against his innocent charms. Rohmer continues an experiment with story construction and contrasting viewpoints, craftily pulling the rug under his hero to unveil a miserable realization – his cynical condescension demolished by Suzanne’s successful seduction. Screening with The Girl at the Monceau Bakery.



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